The Hydra AIR is the premiere chemical free solution for rapid classroom and office building disinfection from bacteria and viruses, including Covid 19.  UV-C light has been used successfully for decades in hospitals and the food industry, and this proven technology is the foundation of our new ceiling mounted disinfection fixtures.  Our Hydra units provide normal room lighting along with an integrated UV-C solution, all housed within a standard 2′ by 4′ ceiling space.  Designed to fit effortlessly into existing ceiling systems, the appropriate number of UV-C fixtures can disinfect a classroom within 5 minutes between classes, providing an additional safety protocol for normal school operation.  Classrooms must be empty during a disinfection treatment cycle, and classrooms are safe to enter immediately after treatment.  Electromagnetic locks, external control keypads, and assorted sensors are part of a multilevel protection system to ensure safety.  With an optional full time UV-C air filtration system, the Hydra UVC DC offers a complete modern solution to disinfect classrooms and businesses daily without chemicals.


• Hybrid 2×4 drop ceiling fixture
• UV-C disinfection 
• LED house light for normal operation
• Motion sensor for automatic shutoff 
• Audible/visual alarm during disinfection 
• Timed setting for total, reliable, UV-C disinfection 
• Hydra UV-C technology ensures efficacy and efficiency 
• Optional 24/7 UV-C air filtration system 
• Optional Wi-Fi and RF key control available