Install Solution:
We provide a photometric disinfection design for each space.
UV-C air filtration is recommended for 24/7 disinfection, even while rooms are occupied.

The system is designed as follows:
1- Once the classroom is emptied, the teacher exits and closes the door.
2- A code is entered into an external keypad, an electromagnetic lock will engage and secure the room.
3- Once the room is secure, the disinfection process begins after a 10 second countdown. All safety measures are implemented to stop all functions and unlock the door if any interior movement is noticed by the system. The design will disinfect the classroom in 5 minutes. During disinfection, a red ‘UVC in Use’ indicator light will flash, as well as an audible alarm within the room to ensure everyone knows the room is being disinfected.
4- After the process is complete, the light will turn green, the electromagnetic lock will disengage, and the teacher and students can re-enter the classroom.

The electromagnetic lock can also provide an additional safety measure in the event of an emergency situation. An optional keypad on the inside of the door can allow a teacher to enter the code and lock the room from the inside. The electromagnetic locks are extremely secure and will not permit entry or exit from the room. This security measure allows for additional peace of mind in the event of an emergency lock down situation.